Investment Strategy

We will secure alpha-type investment returns through investing in licensed cannabis start-ups in developing markets across their value chains. We will succeed by leveraging our deep sector knowledge and global network, moving early in newly legalized developing markets, and deploying sufficient ‘smart’ capital at attractive series A valuations. Our objectives include being first to market to achieve market share in new geographies, deploying capital prudently to achieve the best opportunities at the lowest valuations, and investing in series A rounds of licensed companies with strong management.

Fund Overview

Fund NameCannaFi Fund PCC Domicile Gibraltar
Fund DescriptionA closed ended EIF (Experienced Investor Fund) structured as a PCC (Protected Cell Company)
Investment DirectorCannaFi Group Ltd
First Cell Target Fund Size£50million
Investment ObjectivesLong term capital growth by investing in legal cannabis companies found in developing markets
Investment SizeSeries A & B rounds £1m - £5m average investment per private company.  50% reserved for follow-on financing rounds
Investments20 total fund investments, no ore than 15 investments per continent and 5 investments per country
Product CategoriesMedical, pharmaceutical, wellness edibles/beverages, supplements & cosmetics. Drug discovery, nootropics, CBD and clinics
Hurdle rate7% per annum
Expected Returns30% gross IRR
Minimum Investment£50,000
Investment PeriodMaximum 5 years
Term5 years
GP Performance Fee20% after return of contributed capital
Management Fee2% per annum
Organizational ExpensesNot to exceed 2%



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