A Leading Cannabinoid Investment Fund Offering Alternative Asset Class Investments in the Cannabis Sector.


About Us

CannaFi Group Ltd ‘CFP’ is a registered limited company based in Gibraltar and operates as the Investment Director to the Gibraltar based CannaFi Fund PCC Ltd. The principal activity of the Fund is to develop, build, own and operate cannabis assets in the pharmaceutical, health and wellness sectors. The global legal cannabis industry is still relatively nascent and continues to grow at an attractive pace. As further legalisation and regulation is introduced, the Fund is tasked with identifying high quality opportunities, both new and established, to generate an intelligent presence at all stages of the cannabis supply chain – from seed to shelf.

Investment Strategy

We will secure alpha-type investment returns through investing in licensed cannabis start-ups in developing markets across their value chains. We will succeed by leveraging our deep sector knowledge and global network, moving early in newly legalized developing markets, and deploying sufficient ‘smart’ capital at attractive series A valuations.

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